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Today, your child had an amazing experience at school as they discovered their inner superhero and earned their hero shirt. Now, we invite them to continue this journey at our Gym/Studio to earn their superpower badge!

This unique program for children integrates various learning styles through Leadership, Athletics, Martial Arts, and Motivational Trainings. Designed to build their superpowers, it offers a one-of-a-kind experience that stands apart from any other. Through engaging activities and motivational storytelling, we ignite the spark of self-discovery, encouraging children to embrace their unique strengths and abilities. Let us help your children unleash their full potential and become the heroes of their own stories.

Earn Your Badge

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Join us for an exciting event this weekend. Space is limited so please reserve your spot or give us a call if you need to reschedule.

RORN Collective Address: 9475 Double R Blvd. Suite #23 Reno, Nevada 89521
Call or Text: (775) 440-1205

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We are actively producing content to help the drive to Go Total Human. Connect to us on social media and start your journey as a Total Human now.

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Mon: 9am - 8pm

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9475 Double R Blvd. Suite #23 
Reno, NV 89521
Call or Text: (775) 440-1205

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